ICE Watch

The equity problem is the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) entering vulnerable communities and detaining undocumented immigrants. This causes disruption in the community, breaks families apart, and reinforces xenophobia and racism in society. Though activists alert the presence of ICE through word of mouth or find out about it from the news after the raids have taken place, they are not able to connect and quickly inform the community about it.

The project was to prototype a mobile app that allows activists to post statuses of ICE raids on a digital platform specific for this problem. This will allow people to communicate with a larger audience quickly, especially to those who are specifically vulnerable to these raids.

InvisionApp, Prototyping, Sketch, UI/UX Design, User Testing

This prototyping project begins with research by using the 4 C's (Components,Characteristcs Challenges, Characters), storyboarding, and S.W.O.T. Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

installation image installation image installation image

After the wireframing, the first draft of the user interface was designed then user tested. Users discussed that the color scheme felt threatening and too alarming. They wanted something that made them feel comfortable to report. They did like that it reminded them of apps they have used before, so they understood how to navigate the app.

installation image

The app was redesigned and with the consideration of the feedback from users. The colors were toned down with a lighter blue and using a shade of pink for notifications or alerts. A passcode was added to make the user feel more secure when using the app. The features were also organized differently using a hamburger menu and bottom navigation. The feed is the first thing a user sees once they are logged in, following familiar social app patterns. This familiarity continues when creating a post so the user can post quickly and easily. Users can call or fill out a form to report to a hotline. When needed, users can read over their rights if they or someone they know is being contacted by I.C.E.

installation image installation image

This version of the prototype was tested by five users and were asked to complete the following tasks during the testing phase. The tasks were: Enter a four-digit passcode, explore the feed, create a post, share the post, Check out the Community Badges screen, Send a message to the hotline,
After testing, users were asked questions. Here are a few examples of the questions and responses:

installation image

ICE Watch is continuing to be user tested and adjusted to meet user needs. This project aims to explore how design and technology can be used to help communities in need.