Discovery Museum

The challenge was to design a site that is intended for a museum. The theme of the museum is a children’s discovery museum. The target audience for the site are parents looking for new ways to bond with their children. The parents also want activities for their children that are fun and educational to keep them focused and inspired outside the home.

Branding, Typography, UI/UX Design, User Experience Design, Web Design

This prototyping project begins with The user persona is based on a working mother who wants to spend more time with her children. Using this persona, design was used to think of a website that could easily communicate with the user on different activities available that parents could do with their children.

installation image

Next was quick wireframing, color and type exploration.

installation image installation image installation image

After looking at color and type options, the final design used Nunito for the font and a orange and blue hue. The goal was to create a website that was friendly and displayed the content in an accessible manner.

installation image